Industrial Solutions & Innovation

Every Oukitel product is designed to be a solution. Our products are designed for the following industries.


Our rugged phones can withstand a drop of 1.5m and water resistance at 1.5m for up to 30 minutes. They are also dust proof and shock proof. The Push To Talk function is also an invaluable asset for fishermen.


Our rugged phones are built to be tough and enhanced to withstand the loud, dusty and sometimes dangerous construction environment. Our rugged phones have in-built air quality detectors to help keep workers safe. The Push To Talk function makes communications in loud environments convenient.

Extreme Sports

The world of extreme sports is filled with a lot of fast movements, sudden drops and adrenaline rush. Our smartphones have great cameras to record great moves and cool stunts. And you don't have to worry about dropping it because our phones are IP68 & IP69K rated. Which means our phones are drop proof, water proof, dust proof and shock proof.


Long haul drivers spend long hours on the road bringing very much needed goods to various cities around the world. Our massive batteries are great to keep the drivers company. Our phones also have GPS systems that are flawless.


Roadworkers spend long hours during late nights and early mornings. Our built in night vision function in some of our rugged phone lines is a game changer for workers all over the world. Our large battery capacity guarantees up to 48 hours of usage and workers can be confident of having enough power throughout their shift.

Special Functions

Oukitel WP7 is the only phone in the world with the ability to kill germs. According to a test performed on this smartphone. WP7 sterilization can kill up to 99% of bacterias within 60seconds. This product has been hailed by experts and is recommended to everybody.

Leaders in Battery Technology

Oukitel is one of the world leaders in battery technology. We have a devoted team with years of experience dedicated to the research and development of batteries. Our phones come with large capacity Oukitel batteries that are durable, long lasting and safe.